This Love

by Grace Defined

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Welcome to a world of Maybeline and make believe You can be all you can be, live the life and dream the dream Welcome to a world where TV is reality And the real world? Nothing more than a reverie Welcome to freedom equals sex And worth is nothing more than a pickup line and one drink more Welcome to a world where the lines are always blurred And shades of grey paint every driveway Here, insanity reigns though we feign to believe that we're all quite sane Welcome to my world Here we believe that love is a lie Though we dare to dream of a time when love was alive In this world Bieber can mend a broken heart, But God? He can't be real. No he's just a crutch for us to hide behind Welcome to our world Here hope is fleeting, purpose obselete, and yet we were made for more At least we should be, or so we hope Deep down in places that we rarely choose to see For this is a world where we're always lonely Hiding our pain and our shame behind layers of trickery Painting our lives with shades of happy That are merely seen but do not resonate For this is a temporary dye A fix for the moment to hide the lies that are our lives As we gasp for authenticty A real reality Something more than a soundbyte, something bigger than MTV So welcome to a world where contradiction is the way, freedom is at play, and tomorrow is just another day Welcome to a world through the eyes of a generation that knows too much and seen too much And still knows nothing at all Drowning in a sea of information, yet has no truth at all Here rose coloured glasses mask the eyes of a cynic and wit and cliche hide a heart torn apart Battered and bruised, abused and used, it cries out for another world A world of joy A world of light A world where everything's gonna be alright A place where faith love and hope are more than just words or a pumchline But they are real and they remain even in the midst of storm and rain Yes hear the heartbeat of a people United in their desire to leave their mark on a land that can seem so dry, so barren, and so dark Clinging to the hope that here in their world Here in our world And here in my world there is more than we can see That these dreams can become a reality So welcome to a world that is more than make believe, more than we can see, and more than we can conceive Welcome to a world where love is alive and rest is found in love's arms and hope inhis eyes And faith in him, gives hearts new life Welcome to love's world His is a world that I long to breathe, that I long to taste, that I long to see Welcome to a world where you're never lonely Enrobed in his peace there's no pain, and no shame For love never changes he's always the same No need to run, no need to hide For love never leaves you he's always by your side Welcome to a world where grace abounds and love's reach knows no bounds Inconceivable, incomparable, love shines with a light that does not blind Through love's eyes you can always see And his is a world where my heart yearns to be Now don't be fooled this world is more than just a dream It is a reality that has yet to be And deep down in places that I'll never I know that one day love's world will be So until then, I hope and I pray Waiting, knowing that love will find a way A way to you, a way to me A way to this world that can seem so crazy And as the curtain falls and marks its end There's no need to doubt and no need to fear For the coming of love's world is surely near
Draw me closer Bring me deeper Take me in, oh Lord I long for more of You Past this altar Into your arms Take me in oh Lord I yearn for more of You You take me in Draw me near All my failures disappear In Your presence I am found Where Your love and grace abound
Your memory still weighs on my heart Despite my efforts to forget I can still remember the day you left They tell me that you're too fargone And I'm so foolish to believe But I can't shake this hope Tha you'll come back home to me I know that it's easier to let go But I just can't walk away CHORUS: On the days I forget to forget I remember, I remember And I weep and I pray On the days I forget to forget I remember And my heart breaks All over again I wonder if I haunt your heart The same way that you still haunt mine Or do your memories fade With every passing day Does your heart still break like mine Pillows drenched with tears you've cried Do you ever wish you could come back home again CHORUS: On the days I forget to forget I remember, I remember And I weep and I pray On the days I forget to forget I remember And my heart breaks All over again BRIDGE: How many tears must I shed How many nights spent awake in my bed How long must it be Till I have you hear with me I know that hope is surely not lost And all my answers are found at the cross But how long must I wait Just to have you hear again I don't know if I can stand CHORUS: On the days I forget to forget I remember, I remember And I weep and I pray On the days I forget to forget I remember And my heart breaks All over again
I’m running from something I’m not quite sure what it could be I’m running from someone It might be you, it might be me I can’t fight this feeling It haunts my days, it haunts my dreams I can’t fight this feeling there might be something to you and me I can’t run anymore I can’t hide from this truth in me I can’t run anymore From this love, this love This love I’m searching for something I’m not quite sure what it could be I’m searching for someone It might be you It might be me I’ve looked far and wide I broke my heart a time or two I’ve tasted everything And I’ve seen all I need to see I can’t run anymore I can’t hide from this truth in me I can’t run anymore From this love, this love This love I can’t run I can’t hide I can no longer deny Deny, this love I’m running to someone I’m not quite sure what it could be I’m running to someone Straight to you away from me I’m racing to your love The love I’ve been waiting for Into your arms I’ve found what I’m searching for I won’t run anymore I won’t hide from this truth in me I won’t run anymore From this love, this love, this love I won’t run I won’t hide I will no longer deny I found where I belong In your love, your love, your love
I am afraid. Hiding behind these masks how long can I last But to be unveiled I do not dare For the outcome I could not bear Would you laugh, would you cry, Would you turn away and not look back? But I desire to be known, to be loved and seen as I am truly So here is my attempt at transparency Dear friend, can I be honest Can I be real with you? If I do you must promise not to turn away or love me any less I must confess In my mind I've told you a thousand times Practiced these lines like the star of a play Never to grace the stage for fear grips my heart Looking into your eyes I wonder What if I disgust you embarrass you or put you to shame Could my unveiling lead you to curse my name No! No, maybe this battle's too much to bear maybe this cross I'm called to bear alone But I desire to be known, to be loved and seen as I am truly So here I go again Dear friend, daily I fight this war between the man I'm known to be the man I want to be And the man I daily see In the mirror I cannot hide I cannot lie These desires I have are real Now I know this isn't right But please hear my plight rather than see the stain upon my name Please tell me you'll love me all the same For years I've carried this alone Fighting my heart and my mind Standing on the promise I hoped was true That my God would see me through Though by faith they say I'm healed In the present my thoughts are real They lead me to question who I am Unsure if I am a real man So I cling to my God, despite those that say He hates who I am But how can God hate me if He loves every man So I fight my companions in tow Fear doubt shame and hate All I really know They haunt my every day, bombard me and tell me that I'm gay Unworthy of God's and redemption unable to walk away What they don't know is I've seen the eyes of my Saviour And they tell me I'm'a be ok Yea I fight In the secret my battle remains No one knows my plight No one knows its name But I desire to be known To be loved and seen as I am truly That's what I would say if I had the strength to share my heart with you But the truth is I fear that the truth will tear my heart apart. So I continue to play my part A balancing act between the man you know The man I am And the man by Gods grace I will one day be A man that is free.
It hurts to know you're hurting It's hard to see you cry I wish that I could make it better on my own I know that you're¸in pain I see the clouds I feel the rain I'd make it cease to see you smile to bring you peace But I know that you are brave And you have strength to persevere Just know that I am here But I can't heal a heart I can't move a mountain I can't calm a storm By the power of my hands But I know the one who can I know he understands Dear Jesus, please take him by the hand In the midst of trials It's hard to see the way But He's the fighter of all battles The light that brings the day So praise be to the Lord Who daily bears the weight He'll make you brave He'll make you strong He'll make you strong He'll bring another day Cause He can heal a heart He can move a mountain He can calm a storm By the power of His hands And He hears us when we call He's always near at hand Reach out and take Him by the hand Dear Lord hear my prayer Help me to let go Of things I cannot change Uphold us with Your strength Enrobe us with Your love< I know You turn all things for good Give us faith to believe That You can heal a heart You can move a mountain You can calm a storm By the power of Your hand You hear us when we call You're always near at hand Dear Jesus please take us by the hand Dear Jesus You can take us by the hand Dear Jesus please take me by the hand


released August 11, 2015

All songs written by Grace Defined
Produced by Joel Williams at Upper Room studios
Mixed and Mastered by Isaac Knox


all rights reserved



Grace Defined Ottawa, Ontario

Rose-Ingrid Benjamin is a member of the Haitian diaspora settled on Turtle Island. She is a singer, actor, writer, and educator creating at the intersection of art, faith, and justice. She has performed poetry and original music at venues across North America, combining Pop and R&B with gospel influences alongside her booming vocals and poetic musings. ... more

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